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Horsepower is one of the common units for measuring engines power.
This unit of measurement originated in the 19th century, when horses were actively used as draft force. At that time, the concept of power of «75 horsepower» meant that the draft force of the engine was equal to the power of a team of 75 horses. It is generally accepted that
1 horsepower (HP) is the amount of force needed to lift 75 kg to 1 m up in 1 second. In technical calculations, horsepower is converted to kilowatts according to the ratio of 1 HP. = 0.735 kW.

1 kW is equal to 1.3596 HP when calculating engine power.

1 HP is equal to 0.7355 kW when calculating the engine power

There are several units of measurement called «horsepower». In European countries, Russia and the CIS, as a rule, horsepower means so-called «metric horsepower», which equals to approximately 735 watts (75 kgf m / s).

In the automotive industry of the UK and the US, the most common HP. equates to 746 watts, which is equal to 1.014 metric horsepower. Horse power as a measuring unit also used in US energy sector and industry as an electric horsepower (746 W) and boiler horsepower (9809.5 W).


The characteristics often indicate both units of power (kW and kVA), but not everyone knows what they mean:

  • kVA — total power of the equipment;
  • kW – active power of the equipment;

In fact, this is the same thing in the language of the consumer: kW is net (net power), and kVA is gross (full power).

1 kW = 1.25 kVA

1 kVA = 0.8 kVA

In order to convert kVA to kW, it is required to subtract 20% from kVA and you get kW with a small error that can be ignored.

For example, in order to convert the power of 400kVA into kW, you need 400kVA * 0.8 = 320kW or 400kVA-20% = 320kW.